TLC May Sci Fi Channel Essential Book; SFRevu; A Self-Pimp Thread

Two things relating to The Last Colony:

1. As you might be able to tell from the headline, The Last Colony is the Sci Fi Channel’s Essential novel for May, which is always nice, and which I know from experience has helped sell books, so thank you, Sci Fi Channel. Here’s the link to its “essentials” page on the Sci Fi Web site.

2. has very nice things to say about TLC here; really, it’s like a publicist’s dream review:

“Many SF writers are compared to Heinlein, Scalzi raises the bar more than a notch. If RAH were alive today, he’d be enjoying The Last Colony along with the rest of us.”

“There’s a lot to like in this book, and of the three in the series, it’s probably the best.”

“It won’t be at all surprising to find The Last Colony on next year’s Hugo ballot.”

Makes me feel warm and tingly, it does (fair warning: the full review lays out a whole lot of the plot — not exactly spoilery, but with a lot of details you might otherwise want to read for yourself).

But enough of me self-pimping: Now let’s see you do it. I now declare this a self-pimp thread, in which you pimp all the cool things you are doing. It doesn’t just have to be writing — if it’s something cool that you’re doing, and you can link to it (or even not link, just tell us about it), then self-pimp, baby, all you want.

(Note: If you put in more than one URL, you may get dumped into the moderation queue; I’ll release any moderated links when I see them. Don’t panic.)

Self Pimp! Now!


Iowa City Says Hi

Apparently science fiction writers are a rarely appearing sort of writer here in Iowa City and at Prairie Lights bookstore, and that seems a shame, as the folks at Prairie Lights were lovely and the audience was delightful too. And I was recorded for local public radio (I’ll post a link when it goes up on the station’s Web site), and you can’t beat that. Nice people, appreciative crowds: IIt’s all here in Iowa, baby. And then afterward I hung out with writer Rachel Swirsky and members of her writing class, talking about the craft and business of writing. Smart folks, with an amusing variety of hair colors. Because why not. If I still had hair, I might dye it an amusing color, too.

Onward — tomorrow I’m in Milwaukee, at the Harry Schwartz Bookstore, at 7pm. My first time in Milwaukee, actually, which doesn’t seem right, after all that time spent in Chicago. It’s just a 90 minute drive or so. Well, my Milwaukee n00berness will soon be corrected. Hope to see some of you there.


Spam Filter Update

The spammination from fake GMail accounts seems to have ceased, so I’ve taken it off the moderation filter for now. Those of you who enter (or have entered) Gmail accounts into the “e-mail” line on the comment form should now see your comments posting rather than being bumped into a moderation queue. I’ve also gone and released a bunch of comments that were stuck in moderation. If you don’t see a comment you’ve posted, I may have accidentally deleted it (sorry). Please post it again.

However, some of you with hotmail accounts may still find yourselves being moderated because I’m still getting a bunch of crap from fake hotmail accounts. The solution to this problem is a combination of one of the two following:

1. Join the 21st century and get an e-mail account other than Hotmail;
2. Put something else in the “e-mail” line of the comment form other than a hotmail account.

Note that you don’t actually have to put anything into the e-mail line of the form, since I don’t require it. So don’t feel, you know, obliged.

Also, since at least a couple of people have sent me dreadfully apologetic letters because they feel I’ve moderated them due to content (which I’m certainly not doing at the moment, I don’t have the time), allow me to link to this entry on comment moderation as it exists on this site. If you’ve not read this policy statement, I suggest you do so now, to save yourself the psychic terror of thinking you’ve offended me in some way.


Portland Says Hi

I should note that in this crowd there’s a Campbell winner and a Hugo winner (although the Hugo winner’s face is being obscured by the Campbell winner’s hand), and the woman who read over half of “The Sagan Diary” for me. So this is a talented audience. And a fun one to read to, I have to say. I had a blast here.

I would write more but at the moment I have to pack — turns out I have a 5am wake-up. Suffice to say my first trip to Oregon makes me want to come back again soon. I’ll write more about this stop later, I’m sure.


A Conversational Topic

Not single word this time: The US Army has banned soldier blogging unless the blog post is approved by a commanding officer.

I’m interested in your thoughts on this and whether it makes sense, or is merely another example of pointless censorship. I have some thoughts on it, but they’re complicated and I don’t have a whole lot of time to get into it now, what with having a plane to catch. But I think you guys can kick around the topic some.

Have a good day. I’m off to Oregon. Hopefully I will not die of dysentery.


San Diego Says Hi

Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego is an excellent, excellent place full of many fine people, including these folks waving to you now (what you can see is another large group of people off stage left — hey, the camera captures only so many people at once). I was feeling just a little under the weather tonight, actually, but hopefully it didn’t come through in the reading or in the Q&A afterward. The foklls who came out were a lot of fun, and there were a lot of folks in the crowd who I knew, both from my personal and professional lives, but some of whom I haven’t seen for years. It was just friggin’ cool to see them again, you know? Made me feel better.

Now I’m heading to sleep, hopefully to wake up feeling better, and then off to Portland. Portlandites (Portlandians?), if you’re coming to the event tomorrow, remember that the Powell’s bookstore the event is going to be at the Beaverton store, not the Portland store. I’ve heard that some folks are complaining about this, but I’ve been led to understand that the advantages to the Beaverton are a nicer author event area, and much easier parking. So please (please!) make the trek. I’ll make it worth your while.


Single Word Open Thread #2

Well, it looks like the ‘Single Word Open Thread” concept worked out pretty well yesterday, so let’s try it again, since my day is filled with traveling and laundry. Yes, part of of the exciting life of a touring author: Cleaning your clothes. Indeed, here’s today’s single word:


Your thoughts on it, and your own (or others’) cleanliness or lack thereof? I await your comments and conversation with anticipation.

And with that, I’m off to shower. So you know where I stand on the cleanliness issue.


Scottsdale Says Hi

Well, that was fun. The Poisoned Pen bookstore paired my appearance with mystery writer Jane Cleland, so folks who came out tonight got a double bill — sort of like Grindhouse, without the mortifying audience apathy. It was an excellent crowd, and I ended up putting faces to all sorts of names both here on the Whatever and over on By the Way. Which is nice, you know? Suddenly people aren’t just pixelated letters on a screen anymore. Earlier in the day I was over at the Dragon Page, recording an interview which will be up in a couple of weeks. Busy, busy, in the Phoenix area.

Now I’m back here at the hotel, just had a ridiculously expensive (but tasty) room service burger, and now going to fall into a coma-like state for several hours, and then head to San Diego, which is one of my favorite towns. I’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy at 7pm, whereupon I will commence my monkey dance (note: this is metaphorical. I may not, in fact, dance like a monkey. Although I might).

Have a good night, everyone.

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