Daily Archives: June 1, 2007

General E-Mail Note

So, I neglected e-mail for a few days, because I suck, but I just caught up and sent out a veritable spate of missives. So if you sent me an e-mail in the last few days and were expecting a reply, and that reply doesn’t arrive within the next couple of hours, feel free to […]

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New Listing Announcement: Top 15 (or Maybe 20, We’ll See) SF/F News/Group Blogs

Oh, all right. After getting more than one e-mail from proprietors of SF/F news and/or group blogs, complaining that it wasn’t fair they’ve been excluded from the Top 50 SF/F Personal Blogs list, I’ve decided to whomp up another list, this one listing the top 15 or 20 (depending) SF/F News/Group blogs, which I will […]

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For the third year running, Athena’s gotten a creative writing award at the year end ceremonies for her school. Excellent. She’s the writer in the Scalzi household with the most writing awards; the only way for me to catch up is if I win the Prometheus and the Fan Writer Hugo this year. I suspect […]

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SciFi Essentials + Soliciting Data for Update of Top 50 Personal SF/F Blogs List

First off, congratulations to Tobias Buckell, whose book Ragamuffin is this month’s SciFi Essential book. It’s a nice accolade to have, and in my experience it does drive sales, and driving sales is a good thing (it doesn’t hurt that Ragamuffin is a hella fun book, too). The book itself is slated for release on […]

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