Somewhere Under the Rainbow


The Scalzi Compound, 06/04/07.

In case you’re wondering, we’ve got the Tin Man in the tool shed.


Your Comment Makes No Sense to Me, So Here’s a Video

I swear to Holy Bleeding God that the next time I read a writer mewling out an “Oh noes!! The book market is changing! Weesa all gonna die!” message somewhere on the Internet, I’m going to track that writer down and beat them square on the head with a goddamn lead pipe. Honestly. Die already, then, you whiny, puffed-up, hand-wringing, passive, self-privileging sack of complaint and vomit.

That is all.

Rather than continue on this topic, which will just aggravate the living crap out of me, here’s an Amy Winehouse video.


Agony Column Podcast and Review of The Last Colony

When I was on tour, I stopped in with Rick Kleffel of the Agony Column for a long and wide-ranging interview, in which we talked about the books, being online, my personal history, and so on. If you’re interested, here’s the link to that. I’m particularly pleased with the interview because it is almost entirely “um” and “uh” free. And that’s hard to do.

Also Rick has posted a formal review of The Last Colony here, and it’s a nice one:

‘The Last Colony’ will kick your butt across the cosmos and make you care. It will make you smile. As the conclusion to a series, it will simply satisfy readers. Maybe you’ll even shed a tear or two.

Well, you know. I try. In any event, enjoy.

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