There’s Something Inside Your Head

Ooooh, look. One of my favorite Oingo Boingo songs, “Gray Matter.” It encourages people to, you know, think, which is something I always appreciated about Oingo Boingo. Also, how often do you can you rock out to dual xylophones at a rock concert? (Ignore the terrible computer graphics that pop in from time to time.)

I keep wishing these guys would come back for one more tour, although Danny Elfman seems to indicate that this is not going to happen anytime soon. Waaaah. In any event, this song is more relevant than ever. Enjoy.

Im N Ur Yard, Eetin Ur Ded Rakoon


Yes, indeed, there’s a dead raccoon in the yard (actually right over the property line in my neighbor’s yard; even so), and here’s one of the local turkey vultures, doing that whole “circle of life” thing and getting rid of it for me. You can see the object of its affections in the bottom right corner; I have a somewhat clearer shot of the corpse, but I assure you that you don’t actually want me to post it. It’s kind of messy.

Between this and the other turkey vultures in the area, I don’t expect the corpse to last the day, which is, of course, just fine with me. All I have to do is keep the dog and cats away from it and we’ll be fine. It’s the dog I’m worried about the most; Lopsided Cat followed me out to the thing and was profoundly disinterested in it (he prefers to do his own killin’, thanks), but this is the sort of thing Kodi will dig. I’d just as soon not have her reeking of decomposing wild life. So go, turkey vultures, go.

Anything But Failure?


I don’t think it comes as a major shock to anyone at this point that the general consensus on the Dubya presidency is that it’s a monumental sort of failure, the sort of all-round awful presidency you get maybe once a generation or so (excuse me while I go find a forest to knock on for that). Some folks have even gone so far as to declare it the worst presidency ever, although I continue not to be one of them (Buchanan’s still got it, in my opinion), but however you slice it, it’s pretty bad.

So here’s an interesting thought experiment that I’d like for you to take seriously: in the 20 months or so that Bush has left in office, what would it take for Bush & Co not to be viewed as failures? Is there anything — realistically, now — that Bush and his administration can do at this point to salvage their reputations and their standing in history? If so, what is it?

Bear in mind that for this question you should answer from your own political/social point of view, not from the point of view you think I or others who frequent the site hold.

I’m genuinely curious as to what the opinions are out there. I personally don’t hold much hope for Bush, et al to do anything other than fail even harder between now and January 20, 2009, but if any of you can see a different path, I’d love to hear about it.