Im N Ur Yard, Eetin Ur Ded Rakoon


Yes, indeed, there’s a dead raccoon in the yard (actually right over the property line in my neighbor’s yard; even so), and here’s one of the local turkey vultures, doing that whole “circle of life” thing and getting rid of it for me. You can see the object of its affections in the bottom right corner; I have a somewhat clearer shot of the corpse, but I assure you that you don’t actually want me to post it. It’s kind of messy.

Between this and the other turkey vultures in the area, I don’t expect the corpse to last the day, which is, of course, just fine with me. All I have to do is keep the dog and cats away from it and we’ll be fine. It’s the dog I’m worried about the most; Lopsided Cat followed me out to the thing and was profoundly disinterested in it (he prefers to do his own killin’, thanks), but this is the sort of thing Kodi will dig. I’d just as soon not have her reeking of decomposing wild life. So go, turkey vultures, go.

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