Creation in My Own Backyard


People keep e-mailing me to tell me that the new Creation Museum is just down the road from me. Yes, folks, I know. Oddly enough, we do have newspapers and television stations here to keep me abreast of the local news, and not just when the Museum’s “Adam” turns out to be a fellow who talks online about all the dirty, dirty sex he’s had.

The people who are e-mailing me are also often suggesting I should go to the Museum and check it out. Thanks, no. I feel I can extract sufficient comedy value out of people who believe dinosaurs lived with humans and that T-Rexes had six-inch, knife-like teeth to open coconuts from a safe, non-contagious distance. No need to spend $20 on an admission ticket just to mock them up close.

Anyway, the folks at Ars Technica have covered it for you, and it’s pretty much what I would say on the matter, although almost certainly with less snark.

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