My Name Is Kiko, I Live on the Second Floor

I have one Los Lobos album, Kiko, which is arguably the band’s weirdest, the sort of album that a band will put out just to show that, yes, in fact, they can get arty and complex if they want to, so there. All I know is that the song “Kiko and the Lavender Moon” to me sounds like the sound track to the most drugged-out UB Iwerks black and white cartoon, like, ever. Love it. Also, the video itself is deeply strange:

YouTube Poster

Incidentally, I snaked this out of Warner Bros. official YouTube area, and it’s got the embedding up and raring to go, which means it’s totally kosher to show this here. It makes me happy when music companies finally get a friggin’ clue. Because, you know, and no offense to Los Lobos or anything, it’s not like MTV or even VH1 are showing much of this particular 15-year-old video any more.


Yabba Dabba Disturbing

At the very least, my dare to you all to drag my ass to the Creation Museum has begun to generate some delightfully disturbing Photoshoppery:

This was made by Jeff Hentosz, who has now ruined the Flintstones for me forever. Also, given a choice, I’d rather be Barney. Because Betty, she was hot.

Also, because what the world needs now is creationist LOL-T-rexes:

That’s from Whatever reader Graculus.

Oh, and Joe Hill, the bastard what started it all, has this to say about the drive.

Clearly, you’re all having too much fun with this. At my expense.

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