Tonight’s Question of Immense Cultural Signficance


At what age — if ever — will David Bowie stop being just so damn cool?

While you’re thinking about it, a video.

More People Saying Dumb Things

I don’t know why so many people in literature have got such a hate-on for blogs these days — it must be something in the printer’s ink — but what I do know is when they open their mouths on the subject, some ass-hattery usually belches forth. Over at Ficlets, I document such an atrocity, and naturally, respond.

Ghlaghghee at Mental Floss

The folks at Mental Floss are having a discussion of bacon on the Internet, and of course no discussion of bacon on the Internet would be complete without noting the time I taped bacon to my cat. So there’s that picture of Ghlaghghee, bacon taped to her side. Truly a classic of Teh IntarWeebs.

I will note, however, that the Mental Floss people have snaked the picture without permission. Copyright violation! Copyright violation! I will sue them for every penny! Then I will own Mental Floss magazine! And then… well, and then nothing. It’s not like I really want to own Mental Floss magazine. Too much work. Suing them is too much work, too.

Sigh. If only I weren’t so damn lazy. I’d be a millionaire bastard.

Fine. They can show the picture. And they should give me a free subscription to the magazine. Yeah.

Mainspring’s Out; An Open Pimp Thread


Congratulations to Jay Lake, whose Tor debut Mainspring officially hits stores today. I had a chance to read Mainspring when it was in manuscript and was absolutely caught up in the world Jay created, in which the metaphor of god as the “Universal Watchmaker” is made real and Jay has a ball building a story around the consequences of a clockwork universe. This is one of those worlds where you wish you could slip into the book just to wander around and soak up all the world-building the author has done. In short, very cool stuff. Check it out.

Today is also the official release date for Toby Buckell’s Ragamuffin, which solidifies his position as king of Carribean-tinged science fiction. Go ahead, just try to depose him. You can’t. It’s good to be king.

And while I’m in the pimping mood, Ian Randal Strock has asked me to note to people that, a science fiction news site that he and a few others have created, is working very hard to become your number one source for science fiction news and reviews and whatnot. He wants you to check it out. So here’s a link. Knock yourself out, you crazy kids!

Thus having achieved three pimps in a single entry, I hereby declare this an open pimp thread, in which I invite all and sundry to pimp the creative works and projects that are currently bringing them joy and/or hopes of personal fame and money. Pimp yourself! Pimp your friends! Pimp people who don’t know you exist but whose work you enjoy! Share the love.

(Note: Sometimes comments with links will get dumped into the moderation queue. If yours does, don’t panic; I’ll free it presently.)