Ghlaghghee at Mental Floss

The folks at Mental Floss are having a discussion of bacon on the Internet, and of course no discussion of bacon on the Internet would be complete without noting the time I taped bacon to my cat. So there’s that picture of Ghlaghghee, bacon taped to her side. Truly a classic of Teh IntarWeebs.

I will note, however, that the Mental Floss people have snaked the picture without permission. Copyright violation! Copyright violation! I will sue them for every penny! Then I will own Mental Floss magazine! And then… well, and then nothing. It’s not like I really want to own Mental Floss magazine. Too much work. Suing them is too much work, too.

Sigh. If only I weren’t so damn lazy. I’d be a millionaire bastard.

Fine. They can show the picture. And they should give me a free subscription to the magazine. Yeah.

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