The Sad, Sad Truth Regarding American Health Care

“With universal [health care], you’d get the same kind of mediocre shittiness that you’d get in all other kinds of standardized approaches. But for millions of people, that would be a big upgrade.”

— “Dr. Virus” from “What’s Up Doc?,” an article in New York magazine in which five anonymized doctors discuss what really goes on with doctors, health care and patients. Good if mildly depressing reading.

Quick Administrative Note

I’m about a day or two behind with my e-mail. Oddly enough, real life does keep me busy away from my computer. Don’t worry, I plan on catching up this evening. If you sent me e-mail recently, have patience.

Actually, though, I feel like I’m behind on pretty much everything. Is it just me, or is everyone else kinda dragging their asses lately?

Two Action Items


A reminder that tomorrow is actually a deadline for two things here at Whatever:

1. To get your money in to drag my ass to the Creation Museum. At this point, I am convinced that every one of you is cackling with glee at the idea of me having to go to this place; I’m not necessarily convinced that every one of you wants the two special souvenir items I’ve promised if I hit a certain fiscal milestone. Come on, people. If you’re going to make me schlep my ass to this thing, you might as well get exclusive goodies.

2. For science fiction writers/fans, tomorrow is also the deadline for getting me information for the next edition of the Top 50 Personal SF/F Blogs List and for the first edition of Top 15 (or Maybe 20, We’ll See) SF/F News/Group Blogs List. After this I start collating.