Daily Archives: June 14, 2007

The Sad, Sad Truth Regarding American Health Care

“With universal [health care], you’d get the same kind of mediocre shittiness that you’d get in all other kinds of standardized approaches. But for millions of people, that would be a big upgrade.” — “Dr. Virus” from “What’s Up Doc?,” an article in New York magazine in which five anonymized doctors discuss what really goes […]

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Quick Administrative Note

I’m about a day or two behind with my e-mail. Oddly enough, real life does keep me busy away from my computer. Don’t worry, I plan on catching up this evening. If you sent me e-mail recently, have patience. Actually, though, I feel like I’m behind on pretty much everything. Is it just me, or […]

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Two Action Items

A reminder that tomorrow is actually a deadline for two things here at Whatever: 1. To get your money in to drag my ass to the Creation Museum. At this point, I am convinced that every one of you is cackling with glee at the idea of me having to go to this place; I’m […]

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