Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

And As Long As I’m Celebrating My Own Marriage…

… Allow me also to note that there are 8,500 couples who yesterday were celebrating the fact that others like them who want to get married will continue to be able to do so. It’s nice to be married. It’s nice to be able to get married, too. And most of all, it’s nice when […]

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Last Day to Donate, Plus Betting Pool With a Sweet Prize

Remember that at 11:59 and 59 seconds pm I stop taking donations for the “Drag Scalzi’s Ass to the Creation Museum” thing (I’m going to set that for midnight in the Pacific Time Zone, however, to give you laid-back California stragglers a chance to get your act together). At this point, it does no harm […]

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My Marriage Proposal

Thirteen years ago today I proposed to my wife, the then-Kristine Blauser, in my newspaper column in the Fresno Bee. It was one day before the first anniversary of our first official date; we got married one day and two years after our first official date. If you add that up you’ll note that this […]

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