Daily Archives: June 16, 2007

The Single Worst Non-Photoshopped Picture I’ve Ever Taken

No, it’s not the one up there. That one is a reference photo, one I took about 20 minutes ago, so you’ll know what I actually look like when I’m making no particular effort to look either good or bad. Got it? Okay, good. Now, what follows is a picture of me this morning, fiddling […]

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How Much Got Raised

As of 11:59 and 59 seconds (Pacific Time) last night, the “Drag Scalzi’s Ass to the Creation Museum” donation drive raised $5,118.36. That’s 256 times the admission price to Creation Museum, a multiple I find both amusing (from a dork point of view) and gratifying, since it means what tiny bit of income the creationists […]

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Me News 6/16/07

Quick Stuff: * To everyone who’s sending me e-mail about Marc Andreessen’s list of the Top Ten Science Fiction Writers of the 00’s: Yes, I’ve seen it, and yes, it’s cool that the guy who invented the Web browser likes my stuff. And while one can argue whether the ten he lists are actually the […]

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Quick Reminder About Creation Museum Donations

And the quick reminder is this: Don’t send any more. Donating is now closed.  I’ll post the final tally at noon Eastern time. Thanks.

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