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A Quick Note Re: Being Grown Up and Writery and Not Sucky

When discussing teens and their sucky writing, let me also note in fairness that there are positively scads of adult writers whose writing sucks as well, some because they only began writing in earnest when they became adults, some because they tried to cruise by on cleverness when they were teens and are paying for […]

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On Teens, and the Fact Their Writing Sucks

More than a year ago I wrote my “10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing” entry, which had ten bits of useful information for teen writers, the first of which was “The Bad News: Right Now, Your Writing Sucks.” Because, well, it probably does: Most teenage writers, for various reasons, aren’t particularly good writers […]

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AU Donation Made

Quick update for everyone: As promised, I made the donation to Americans United for Separation of Church and State this morning, for $5,118.36. “That’s an oddly specific number,” the young lady who processed the donation said. Well, yes. Yes, it is. I’ll post an image of the receipt as soon as I get it.

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