An Interesting Constitutional Wrinkle

Glenn Reynolds points out what I must say is an absolutely hilarious point of impeachment order:

Impeach Cheney if you want, but do bear in mind that he’ll preside over his own impeachment trial.

Now, that’s a constitutional crisis. And it does sort of make you yearn for the days when Vice-Presidents were, in fact, damn near totally useless.

In What is Becoming a Depressingly Regular Announcement:

I’ve now presumably caught up with all my e-mail that I left lingering while I was gallivanting around the country. So this means that if you’ve sent me e-mail in the last several days that you were hoping to get a response to and I didn’t respond, now would be the time to send it again.

Also, and specifically for the person from the Millennicon convention who sent me e-mail a while back: For the life of me I can’t find your e-mail to respond to it. Will you please resend it? My apologies for clearly being such a big fat loser.

A Question of Medium-Sized Sociological Importance (Or Not)

If there really is a cultural divide between the people who are on MySpace and the people who are on Facebook, as this draft of an academic paper suggests, what does it mean that I have accounts on both?

I suppose I could suggest it points to my own white-trash-yet-elite status (living in a mobile home while attending one of the most expensive high schools in the county, say, or being (very) briefly homeless while (also briefly) having Saul Bellow as my college thesis advisor). But since all those days were well behind me by the time either of these sites existed, probably not. Personally, I suspect it has more to do with the fact I sort indiscriminately sign up for these social network sites. This would also explain why I have accounts on Friendster, Okrut, LinkedIn, Prosper, Flickr, Second Life and etc and so on. I am a stat-oriented sociologist’s worst nightmare.

Author Interview: Allen Steele

I’m back in full swing with the author interviews over there at Ficlets, and today I’ve got me some red-hot Allen Steele interview action. Steele, who, incidentally, annoyed me mightily by making his latest novel Spindrift so compulsively readable that when I brought it with me on tour, I’d finished it before I landed at my first stop. Bastard. I’ll get him one day. You can read the interview while I plot.