Basement Apartment

Oooh, neat. I found the video for Sarah Harmer’s song “Basement Apartment”:

I love this song, because I think it pretty much nails that place in time when you’re in your early 20s, and you have that college degree but no money because you’re killing time as a barista or comic book store staff member or a musician before you go to grad school or that entry-level gig (or, let’s be honest, even after those), so you pile together with your friends in really lousy apartments and live an existence that’s about two grades too shitty to be called “bohemian,” and eventually you begin to wonder if life actually gets any better than this. Not exactly a great space to be in, mentally, but once you’re out of it it’s nice to look back on it, just like it’s nice to think back on that car accident you just barely missed having.

Anyway, excellent song. And it’s off an equally excellent album, You Were Here, which I recommend to everyone. And just for the hell of it, here’s Sarah Harmer’s Web site, because the rest of the stuff she does is pretty damn good too.

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