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WHATEVER IS DOWN (Was: Rental Zen, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Entirely Ignore DRM)

NOTICE, 11am, 6/28/07: Whatever seems to be having some sort of extreme database issue at the moment. The short story: As of just short of midnight last night, Whatever’s database apparently stopped accepting new data, including new entries and new comments (I’m able to post this, apparently, because it’s into an article already posted. Don’t […]

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2007 Best Fan Writer Hugo Essays in Japanese

As the Worldcon is taking place this year in Japan, and I am nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo, I thought it would be both useful and respectful to get translations of some of my SF-related entries in 2006 so that Japanese fans and Hugo voters would be able to have an informed view […]

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Ficlets Author Interview: Robert J. Sawyer

Look! Another Author Interview! I’m on fire over there at Ficlets. This time around I’m interviewing none other than Robert J. Sawyer, who is talking about his new book Rollback and opining on a number of subjects relating to science fiction, Canada, the position of fiction in society, and the various intersections of each. And […]

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Continuing what is apparently a week of Canadian female singers, here’s kd lang singing Neil Young’s “Helpless” at the 2005 Juno Awards; seems that Young was supposed to be there but was ill and in the hospital, which explains lang’s intro. However, if you’re going to have to get someone to fill in for you, […]

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