Ficlets Author Interview: Robert J. Sawyer

Look! Another Author Interview! I’m on fire over there at Ficlets. This time around I’m interviewing none other than Robert J. Sawyer, who is talking about his new book Rollback and opining on a number of subjects relating to science fiction, Canada, the position of fiction in society, and the various intersections of each. And he also explains how Margaret Atwood can get away with suggesting that she doesn’t write science fiction (hint: it has something to do with being Canadian. No, really).

It’s a hella interesting interview, and if you don’t read it, it will eventually rank as one of the great missed opportunities of your life, and the regret will eat at you like a ravenous polar bear. Yes, just like that. And you know how ravenous polar bears can be.

Yes, I’m all about the Canadians today. Rock on, frosty northern neighbors!

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