Doing Some Work

Yes, at least for a little while, I’m making a switch to WordPress. Those of you who love WordPress to tiny bits, don’t get too excited. I may change my mind.

Housekeeping notes:

1. At the moment, all the previous Whatever content is in another directory: “Whatever2.” That means that if you’re looking for previous entries today, change the part of the URL that says “Whatever” to “Whatever2.” That should solve your issues, at least temporarily. I’ll be reimporting the content later. Right now, I’m in a hotel in Schaumberg, and massive FTP uploading fun is not something I can do much of.

2. While I fiddle with the look/functionality here I am turning off comments. If you have something you’re dying to comment about, Whateveresque is up and ready to serve you. The comments will be turned on within a day or two.

3. I’ll have more to say about the whole Web site adventure sometime soon, but right now I’m going to fiddle with things a bit, and then I’m going to a book signing, and then I’m driving back to Ohio. The site may look ugly and not entirely functional for much of the day. That’s all right; it’s not been entirely functional for weeks. I’m looking to change that.

See you all on the other side.

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