Daily Archives: October 1, 2007

I’m All About the Plug-Ins

I’ve dropped in some plug-ins that should make at least some of you happy, because one of the plug-ins should allow you to edit your comments under two conditions: First, that you make the edit within 30 minutes of posting, and second that you’re still using the same IP number as you had when you […]

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Theme Changes

It seems the reason I’m getting the database error you’re all seeing is that the theme I’ve been playing with is not compatible with the most recent version of wordpress. So I’ll be switching it out. Don’t be surprised over the next couple of days if the look changes more than once. Again: Patience, please. […]

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Welcome to October

Some additional notes of a housekeeping sort: 1. I was going to tell you all the long and complicated story of how and why I finally ditched MT4 and moved Whatever over to WordPress, but then I realized I was bored with the whole damn thing and I can’t imagine you’re any less bored with […]

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