Let No One Say I Do Not Obey the Law

As we all know, by both state and federal law any new blog or blog returning from hiatus or other down time must, within 72 hours of resumption, post a picture of a cat, or suffer severe penalties. So here you are. And as a bonus, there’s a dog in it too — not required by federal and state law, but always a good thing.

Dogs and Cats! Living together!

Go hog wild, people.

26 Comments on “Let No One Say I Do Not Obey the Law”

  1. I thought there was a requirement that the cat be doing Something Cute: standing with its head in the dishwasher saying “I CAN HAS LEFTEDOVERS PLZ KTHXBAI”, say, or sleeping with its head on a teddy bear, or lying like hairy seat cover over something improbable, like a black hole or an Abrams tank.

  2. O Horrible Scalzi, you have made my eyes melt like a Nazi at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

    I am shrieking in terror at the sight of the demented and hideous beast, with it’s bad breath, matted coat, and saliva dripping maw.

    Welcome to The New We HATE Ghlaghghee Fan Club!

    //I’m trolling for Changs. Hee :-)

  3. I had a weird epiphany a few weeks ago:
    Despite my life-long declarations that I hate them and all other animals, as soon as I get my own place, I really want a cat.

  4. Isn’t there also some kind of law that says upon return from hiatus you must also post content that invokes Godwin’s law?

    Ah, nevermind. I see it, the cat is wearing a Nazi uniform.

  5. O Fairly Decent Scalzi, you can do better. The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club has some useful suggestions:

    One. More resolution and better lighting. The Beauteous Ghlaghghee, while of course capable of overcoming your poor photographic skills, should not be placed under undue strain.

    Two. If you’re going to photoshop, please remove the anteater-thing in the background. Give it its own picture, if you must:


    Three. Another two or three dozen pictures of Her over the next few days will be the correct thing to do. Also, it will test your service provider’s capabilities. You might as well find out now if they’re up to the task.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. As a member of the Wonderful Kodi Fan Club, I appreciate the picture. Ghlaghghee is a nice looking cat, as cats go, but the picture of Kodi is Very Nice.

    Jeri, are you a member of the Wonderful Kodi Fan Club too?

  7. This dispatch from the KAS to the ECofOGFC:

    Anteater-thing? Aw, dude(tte) — not cool.

  8. J: Despite my life-long declarations that I hate them and all other animals, as soon as I get my own place, I really want a cat.

    You realize that hate is really a form of love, right? :)

    I concur about the lack of Lopsided Cat images. Surely he’s feeling rather neglected by now.

  9. The Executive Committee also agrees that pictures of Mighty Lopsided Cat would be in order.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club, unanimously, has just passed the following resolution:

    Resolved, that a picture of Her Radiance and His Mightiness together be presented to the readership of the Whatever for worship.

    Further resolved, that this glorious event take place immediately.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – Anteater-Thing Appreciation Society – perhaps not cool, but riotously funny nevertheless.

  10. I seem to remember having some position of slackitude in The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club. Whatever I’m supposed to do regarding this post, consider it done (lazily with a touch of apathy).

    BTW, I’m having trouble dealing with all this going away and momentously returning you’ve been doing here. I think I’ll go over to ‘Esque and find something inane to comment inanely about.

  11. It would have to be in black and white to be a band photo. Especially if we assumed they were doing some sort of mopey rock.

  12. I see that many of the ‘esquers I have come to know are once again back here. It’s nice to have an appreciation of who you actually are. It makes a newby feel at home.

    ‘Course the puppy and kitty pics do that, too!

  13. I am indeed a member of the Kodi Fan Club. I am a dog person – my blog, while only rarely being about actual dogs, is titled “Smug Puppies”.

    My appreciation for cats is aesthetic but allergic. ;)

  14. So, there are more avowed members of the Kodi Fan Club than of the Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club, so perhaps we could ask that the relative count of pictures be in proportion to either the relative weights of the animals in question (which would give us a 10 to 1 advantage) or to the relative avowed members of the two fan clubs (which would give us at least a 2 to 1 advantage).

    Like a good dog, we are sure that the Alpha Male will choose rightly, and again, like a good dog, we don’t insist that the cat does not exist.

    The Wonderful Kodi Fan Club

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