The Only Major Problem With Going to a Bookseller’s Convention

My right shoulder is, like, incredibly sore from hauling around huge bags of free books.

Pity me, won’t you? Thank you.

Fortunately I brought my minivan with me so I was able to get them all home. But I suspect the minivan got five miles to a gallon on the way back. These are the sacrifices we make for books.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Managed to delete my previous comment by trying to comment again. WP said that it was a duplicate, and removed both I think.

But since you’re having such a hard time… I will selflessly volunteer to haul away some of those heavy free books. Wouldn’t want them to distract you from Zoey’s Tale.

If you want to be able to edit your comments, the Whateveresque provides that most excellent functionality. :)

But, does WordPress offer a function to allow us to preview our comments?

I saw your comments on driving in in Chicago (on By The Way); I could have told you that. You should have come to Columbus instead. We would have loved to have had you at Context.

I see it!! I see the database error!! Oh, wait, that’s a bad thing. Weren’t we all kind of expecting the technology to be way past this sort of thing already?

And not just WP having these sorts of problems, but the vast stupidity of revealing information like table names and other hacker-helpful stuff when you do throw an error — I thought we “got” not to do that already. I suppose not, though.

Hey, I thought we were calling it


on account of how the Red Sox are kicking ass.

Can I get a hell yeah from the Nation?!

So, what were the best books in the list?

I never turn down free books, but I think the shelves are beginning to bend from the strain. I’m sure I can get a few more in there.

Well, I had ALMOST as much fun – I went to the big San Francisco Public Library sale. On dollar day. Seeing as how they charged me $101, I’m guessing I got approximately 101 books. (I know how I am at these things. I brought a dolly and empty boxes. No sore shoulders for me.)

Favorite serendipitous finds: three plays by Vaclav Havel (including Largo Desolato, translation by Tom Stoppard), and The Areas of My Expertise.

I love the library book sale.

Well, what you need is one of those little mini shopping cart dollys— approximately the size of a dolly, but with a wire basket instead of a flat piece of metal. Very useful and draggable like a rolling suitcase.

When I worked at a bookstore, our general manager would pick a book (generally by Christopher Moore) that was coming out, and put up a sheet, and then he’d pick up as many spare copies of that book as he could manage for the staff. Because some foolish people would leave their free copies behind on their seats, and well, free book…

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