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While I’m thinking about it, let me catch you up on some news of mine on the book front.

1. Zoe’s Tale has been pushed back from its original May release date to August. Thankfully, this is not because I’ve been a flake and have gotten behind on the writing (…..) but because of marketing algebra on Tor’s part to assure the book’s total global domination. Naturally, I can’t argue with that. It also means that The High Castle has also been moved and will now likely appear in early 2009. But the good news is, hey, I’ll still be publishing two years from now. Go me.

2. For those of you who can’t possibly live until next August before getting something else from me, I’ll remind you that The Android’s Dream debuts in paperback on October 30, so if you haven’t caught up with that book, you’ll have some lovely Halloween reading. Also, I’m talking to Subterranean Press about possibly having a couple of new shorter things out and about in the first part of ’08. No promises there — right now, finishing up Zoe’s Tale is the priority — but if we can swing it, I’ll definitely be talking about it.

3. Speaking of Subterranean Press, you limited editions fans will be happy to know that The Last Colony will be getting the deluxe treatment there, so the entire OMW trilogy will be available in special signed editions. Even better, the artwork for the TLC limited will be done by Vincent Chong, who did such a spectacular job on the artwork for the first two books in the series. Personally, my head is going to explode waiting to see what he does with TLC. There are worse positions to be in.

4.  Foreign sales news: If you have friends in South Korea — and who among us doesn’t? — you can let them know a Korean-language version of Old Man’s War is on the way sometime soon, because we’ve sold the rights there. This brings to an even dozen the total number of languages the book has been either published or sold in. Which, you know. Makes me feel all shiny.

So that’s the book news at the moment.

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  1. John, is there any linky goodness for pre-ordering the special edition trilogy?

    Having 2 out of 3 would kill me with my obsessive compulsiveness. Since all 3 will be available, I kinda wanna collect the whole set…

  2. 1. You have to come up with a better unifying term for the melieu of your novels than “The Old Man’s War Universe”. Honorverse and Multiverse and Blank Verse have all been taken.

    2. Given that you are blood brother/sister to an entire regiment of excellent writers why don’t you do some joint projects so that we don’t have to wait over a year to feed our OMWU jones? Then you could be touted as “The New David Weber” and come up with supremely cheesy character names such as “Rob S. Pierre” (Actually I devour David’s books)

    3. We need more OMWU books because, frankly, the characters at Whatever are sort of bland in the absence of any flame wars. Besides, the most interesting one, Athena, appears to be on hiatus.

    Old Jarhead

  3. Okay– so read your first chapter of the High Castle on your tour this year, and then have us wait for the next year and a half to find out what happens. Sure you are still publishing in two years, but I want the High Castle now… okay I guess I can wait. I will just reread OMW.
    Great news on Zoe’s Tale!


  4. Man, i love your books! I dont know what it is, but its good.

    My question is this;

    Why do you make me wait to get last colony in paper back!?!?!?!?
    i dont have that kinda money man! hehe, also i was wondering where your ideas come from and if you have further plans on expanding it into a Gigantic series like i donno, lets say something moon ( dont remember what its called ) or lets say flash point, because if you do plan on doing this i dont think you should bounce between charactures… i liked perry, and i think that i wasnted the second book to be starring perry.

    BTW, i live in Ohio too, go Buckeyes… NOT i hate football

  5. I’ve been meaning to post this. I finally came across OMW in our local book store (yes, I’m in the second largest city in New Mexico and it’s still the sticks).

    I just wanted to say that I quite liked it and shall be recommending it to my SF fan buds. Your sense of humor is quite close to mine, which is a dangerous thing. I’ve also read the second book, but haven’t gotten any others yet. (I don’t use Amazon too much). I’m very much looking forward to getting more of your work.

  6. hab0k:

    “Why do you make me wait to get last colony in paper back!?!?!?!?”

    Borrow it from your local library in the meantime.

  7. Dude, if you live in centerville, and this is a possiblility, because you gave me the impresion you lived around about an hour in some direction. Than you would know, the library here has absolutaly no good SF, I was seriously shocked…

    Where does your motivation come from dude? What brought you into the whole Sci-Fi nitch?

  8. hab0k:

    Actually, the Washington-Centerville Public Library system has 11 of my books, including all my novels and two copies of The Last Colony. The Centerville library’s copy is checked out at the moment, but the Woodbourne library’s copy is in.

    As to the other two question: I like to write (and I have a mortgage), so that’s my motivation, and I’ve read science fiction since I was a kid, so it was a natural for me to write.

  9. My bad on the double posting, but is it just me or did any body think this was odd October 4th, 2007 at 5:47 am…. Dude, i hate waking up early for things, but waking up that early by choice? man that stinks…

    (Also to reiforce my priviouse statement where you gave the impression you lived some where around about an hour in some direction is due to the fact that not only in your story, lots of stuff is from Ohio, but it appears that you lived around{might just be the sugar pill syndrom, however i could swear that i know what town you are talking about that perry came from in the book, couldnt tell you the name however.} hehe).

  10. oh, and WOAH, do you know every library that has your books in it? or do you actualy live around washington township.

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