In Other Science Fiction Convention News…

… I’ve been offered, and have accepted, the writer Guest of Honor slot at LOSCON 35, which will take place November 28 -30, 2008, at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles, California. I took the slot after I was assured that I would have my own In-n-Out caddy, who will ply me with Double-Doubles, grilled animal style, at the mere crook of my finger. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could turn that down.

So, if you’re in LA on Thanksgiving Weekend next year, come on down. Have a Double-Double. Or two. Or three! I’ll be there.

Here’s the link to this year’s LOSCON, which features Robert J. Sawyer as the writer GoH, along with fellow GoHs Theresa Mather, David West Reynolds and Dr. James Robinson, which is a pretty quality lineup right there. 

9 Comments on “In Other Science Fiction Convention News…”

  1. Gah!

    Now you’ve got me convinced, Scalzi. You are avoiding me. Because you are coming to L.A. and guess where I’ll be? Out of town. In Fresno.

    (What? I’m visiting family for Thanksgiving! It’s not like I’d willingly jump at the chance to go to Fresno for a holiday weekend.)

    Excuse me, but I’ll be muttering discontentedly in the corner.

  2. Note, folks, that this is for Thanksgiving Weekend in 2008, not 2007. You still have nearly 14 months to plan for this.

  3. Dude, I hope your caddy has some kind of priority grill status, ’cause the Westchester In-N-Out, the one closest to the Marriott, is also one of the busiest. I think every Angeleno who’s away more than a week stops there after they emerge from short-term parking.

  4. Well,I’ll be there-my sweetie always goest to Loscon-that will just be an excuse for me to go too.

  5. I’m not sure what I was doing this evening while surfing to spark the “what about scalzi?” thought, but am glad to see whatever is up and running on WordPress. I {heart} wordpress, even though my introduction was traumatic: my service provider cut me off of Movable Type without warning because of performance concerns and I had to migrate my blog or quit blogging.

    Congrats on the GOH gigs.

  6. Well you need to balance out your in and out visits with some El Pollo Loco too. Damn fine chicken.

    Here’s the recipe. Get the 3 piece and double rice. Flour tortillas. Hit the salsa bar for some salsa and avocado salsa.

    Now strip the chicken from the bones and place in tortilla. Add rice, salsa and avocado salsa. Then eat. Repeat until out of food and go back again.

    El Pollo Loco is probably one of the few restaurants I like more than In and Out.

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