Acquiescing to the Inevitable Requests

Here you go:

Now let us never speak of it again.

20 Comments on “Acquiescing to the Inevitable Requests”

  1. Oh god. I just made everyone in the coffeeshop stare at me by laughing very loudly. And it’s All Your Fault.


  2. wow. That is one pissed off kitty.

    Dude. You ROCK! I am so glad you be back on the interwebs.

  3. oh heavens is it good to have the Whatever back (I came to this conclusion yesterday, so it’s not just the cat picture. Honest).

    So my question: Is placing a book on the cat one of those consensus-based household decisions that requires consulting your partner in householding, or does that only apply when objects actually get attached to the cat?

  4. You forgot to include a Coke Zero can.

    Is it always Her Beauteousness because Lopsided is too smart to ever sit still for these things?

  5. I think, to be super-accurate here, that should really be a bacon book on a cat BOOK, not on a cat. But “whatever”. :)

  6. Chang who is not Chang is going to be annoyed that there’s more book than Her Beauteousness.

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the book became shredded book strips after that photo. Sleeping tonight would be ill-advised.

  7. ::facepalms, shakes head::

    What have I done? Thank goodness I finally have my own office again, and I can snort in peace and privacy.

  8. I hope you realize that cat understands how you have humiliated it. They always do, you know.

  9. Man…. last time I saw a cat that pi$$ed, she was wearing a headband that my daughter put on her.

    I warned my daughter not to take that picture…..

    Next thing I know, I’m hearing “MOMMY!!!! MAKE HER STOP!!!!! MAKE HER STOP!!!!!

    The usually even tempered Siamese was doing the booty scratch across her bedspread.

  10. Meh…

    Where is the John Scalzi I once knew and love?

    There used to be TAPE, and bacon, and cats.

    I feel cheated that the book is not taped to the cat. It was never “Bacon Placed On a Cat”, it was TAPED!

  11. O Great Scalzi, what a wonderful picture of The Beauteous Ghlaghghee. Her Beautiful Sapphire Eyes, Her Glowing Inner Radiance softly illuminating Her Burgundy Throne… Is that actually a halo? The Executive Committee believes it is.

    You have made up for your poor offering several days ago. Keep up the good work, and you may yet receive another Seal of Approval Award from The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  12. The book looks interesting. Bacon is always interesting. But you’ve got a fluffy, annoyed cat in the picture. If you take the same picture substituting the Wonderful Kodi for the annoyed cat, it would be a happy, bouncy, picture, because dogs like attention and a book about bacon is sort of like having real bacon to eat.

    I shall not speak of smoked cured pork products in conjunction with annoyed fluffy cats again. I can take a hint.

  13. A picture of your cat is always good – with or without bacon. Then again; it’s silly how much pictures of cats can cheer me up.

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