Can I Post Video?

Let’s see!

Update: Hmmmmm, apparently not without totally screwing up the site. Let me go get a plug in.

Update Update: Testing again:

Okay, this is interesting. Because I have AdBlock Plus on my Firefox install, anytime I edit this, it inserts the AdBlock plus code into my entry, which screws the coding. Fascinating.

Solution: Edit entries with embedded video in IE. I know IE was good for something!

Incidentally, I didn’t add a plug-in; I just clicked the checkbox that allows WordPress to correct invalid XHTML code. Just in case you were wondering.

15 Comments on “Can I Post Video?”

  1. Embedding directly is very fickle. (I’m getting a red x on the site where the vid is supposed to be.) It’ll work sometimes, others times it will slow the load time down dramatically.

    I just sent you an email with a sure fire plug-in if you’re interested.

  2. Apparently it’s not just AdBlock; any subsequent edits apparently require reinserting the embed code for the video. Wacky.

  3. John,

    I use WordPress 2.1.3. I’ve found that to embed video without WP screwing it up, I had to turn off the visual editor. I have never had a problem with doing it since then.

  4. I’d like to recommend a Firefox Addon called IE Tab – that gives you the ability to view a page using IE but running through Firefox. Very handy and avoids having to copy the URL and open another browser to accomplish that task.

  5. Also, I’d like to go on record saying I hate Websense. I can’t view any streaming media at all, which means all of these videos you post are just so many white, empty squares to me.


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    Huh. Works for me. Now I’m not sure if I like them Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

  7. There’s an option in Adblock plus: Options->Show tabs on Flash and Java.

    Just turn that off and Bob’s your uncle. Though I still have trouble sometimes between WordPress, TinyMCE (the editor) and Flash objects.

  8. I’d never paid all that much attention to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs before. That will now change.

    I don’t usually hold my breath listening to music like I did hearing “Maps.”

  9. Well, if that opinion isn’t 100% correct, it’s so close that I refuse to argue. Nine bucks to Amazon MP3 for “Fever to Tell” because of the two songs you’ve posted videos for.

  10. Yeah, I’ve heard of the visual editor issue, too. Also heard that if you embed a video using the plain text editor and then go back and edit that post in the visual editor, it’ll fubar the embed all over again.

    I have long since turned of the visual editor in my WordPress dealings. I found it just coughed up too many hairballs for my tastes. Plus, the plain text editor has enough formatting (bold, italics, linky, blockquotes, bullets and so on) that you really only have to hand-code truly uncommon formatting.

    WordPress. Great platform, crappy WYSIWYG. Eh, whatchagonnado?

  11. Soni, you’re right – if you embed using the plain editor and then edit the post – or ANY post – using the visual editor, it will trash the embed.

    I haven’t played with the latest release of WP to know if this is still true or not.

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