Found the Keys

Yes, indeed, the cat and I are going to have words.  Soon.

Safari Issues?

I’ve been getting reports that the site isn’t working particularly well on Safari. I’ve checked the site on my own Safari browser and it looks fine; however, that’s the Windows version (my Mac is still down for the count). Checking the stats for yesterday I had about 1.5k unique visits from people using Safari, but only two complaints, which makes me wonder (no offense, complainants) whether it’s to do with Safari itself or just some weird thing involving those folks. One thing against this is one of the folks noting the issue saw it over several different computers. The only thing other than that, that I can think of, is that maybe it has something to do with caching — i.e., an error happened when they first loaded the site, and it replicates due to Web caching.

In any event, if you’re looking at this site on Safari on the Mac, how does it look to you? Let me know.

Trivia: Safari browser users are about 5% of the viewers here (Firefox is by far and away the most popular, with about 60%, followed by IE at about 26%); Mac users are 13% of the audience, with Windows users about 80% and nearly all the rest using Linux (except for those 17 people who signed on yesterday using BSD and the 10 using SunOS. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!). This suggests that even among the MacHeads, Firefox is the browser of choice.

Damn It

Where the hell are my keys?


We’ve Got a Good Signal

So, this is heartening:

Aside from looking like a bar graph for cell phone signal, this shows that now that Whatever’s back on its feet, people are coming back around again. I was curious about how much being away for as long as I was, was going to mean in terms of people reading, and how long it would take to get back to previous readership levels. The answer: Apparently, not long at all. You people make me happy. And feed my monomania! Thank you.

I’m likewise happy to say that it seems that WordPress is handling the load without too many problems; I have the wp-cache plug-in engaged and recaching every 60 seconds, which means that while the database is getting hit, it’s not getting hit so much that it’s buckling under the load.We’ll see how it performs if/when I’m next Farked, but I’m happy to say that for everyday use, at least, my paranoia about my server getting all explody seems to have been overdramatic. I can live with that.

Also, yeah: WordPress is a hell of a lot easier to use so far. You WordPress triumphalists can snicker if you like.