Found the Keys

Yes, indeed, the cat and I are going to have words.  Soon.

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  1. The best part of that picture is the way she looks both completely innocent and demonic at the same time.

  2. At least she didn’t bury them (or anything else for which she normally uses the box)…

  3. Is it a looming deadline, per Carol Elaine above? Or is it just the sheer joy at having a working Whatever that explains these . . . hijinks?

  4. If it were a deadline-related picture, it would be Photoshopped beyond all recognition.

    Nah, I just thought it would be funny. I did lose my keys earlier in the day, though. That part was real.

  5. O Great And Awesome Scalzi, what else can be said? Magnificent She is simply Magnificent.

    The Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club has awarded you

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval Award
    Valid from 5 Oct 2007 to (get this) 12 Oct 2007

    An entire week is completely unprecedented but was deemed warranted by unanimous vote.

    Keep up the superb work.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. FADE UP – Arlo Guthrie _Alice’s Restaurant_

    “No sir, Officer Scalzi, I cannot tell a lie. I put those keys in that freshly-changed cat pan.”


    Someday Ghlaghee *will* retaliate for being made to be a bookrest. It probably won’t involve [the only] hardcopy of your writing, since you don’t favor dead-tree storage … but you never know.

    Catproof is an oxymoron, childproof nearly so. – fortune(6)

  7. TOLD YA!!!

    Embarrassing a cat is bound to have repercussions.

    Immediate, appropriate but not necessarily limited in time.

  8. I think the keys were planted by the dog to blame the cat. I mean, cumon! Look at the keys.. Not buried or anything. It twas the dog.

    The war has begun.

    Pet names missing due to lack of memory. And the fact that there is no way I can remember Ghlaghghee. I think there are at least 3 spellings here in this thread.

  9. You didn’t leave milk out for the brownies. They hid your keys in the cat box to get the cat in trouble. She’s probably been chasing them.
    Don’t you read traditional fantasy?

  10. Could be worse. She could’ve eaten them. Do you know how MUCH it costs to remove objects from a cat’s small intestine? Eh? DO YOU?

    I do. It’s approximately $1600. Let us not speak of it again.

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