Things I’m Learning About Traveling

When I’m traveling, I have about four good hours a day. After those four hours, I increasingly look, act and respond like a zombie. Also, my body seems constitutionally unable to leave the Eastern time zone, which means that here on the west coast I’m pretty much dead in the water at 8pm. I wonder if this mean that when I travel to France later in the month I won’t be able to get to sleep until 4am. We’ll have to see.

Anyway: Hi, I’m a zombie right now. How are you?

Those Meddling Kids

Hey, look who we met down by the abandoned amusement park:

Yes, the abandoned amusement park! You know, the one owned by Old Man Withers? Yeah, that’s the one. Apparently there have been some strange things going on, and some people even say it’s haunted. But these two and those other plucky teenagers have decided to solve the mystery. To which I said, well, here’s another mystery: Why aren’t you kids in school? And wouldn’t you know, I got an answer: Apparently, Scooby has his masters in education from Villanova and homeschools the lot of them in The Mystery Machine as they travel from one town to the next. Would you believe last year Shaggy was a National Merit Scholarship finalist? And Velma has been accepted to Smith! The things you learn while you’re on the road.