It’s the View That’s Different

I’ve noted before that when it comes to hotels, I’m not exactly a snob. I have three requirements for a hotel: I have to feel that I won’t get jumped either inside or outside the hotel, I have to have lots of hot water and decent water pressure for a shower, and I need an Internet connection. I have those three, I’m generally pretty good.

I note this because at the moment I’m in a Holiday Inn Express in Pasadena. The room is fine, the beds and pillows are comfortable, the place has a pool so Athena can go swimming, the shower works perfectly, the TV has 100 channels of crap to choose from, and the Internet connection is both high speed and free. What differentiates this hotel from the hotel I was at the last time I was here (and when Tor, delightfully, was paying for the room)? There are a number of incidental things, but major difference is the view:

Basically, the nice hotel I was at last time I was in LA didn’t have a view that reminds one of a favela. That’s about it (and one should note, this being Pasadena, each of these favela-esque dwellings is probably worth twice what I paid for my house in Ohio). I can live with that. Mind you, I liked the hotel I was at the last time I was here; Tor, please feel free to park me there again the next time you send me to LA. When I’m on my own dime, however, this is perfectly tolerable.

And hey! Free Internet!

Another Travel Day

So while I’m cruising up and down the Golden State, I thought I’d torture you with what I think is the single worst song to come out of the early 80s:

Make no mistake. This is what horribly bad sounds like.