Old Man’s War Audio Book on

Those of you who keep asking me: “When is there going to be an audio version of Old Man’s War available?” can stop asking: It’s now out on This is an unabridged edition, so you’ll have 10 hours of pure listening satisfaction as the story is read to you by William Dufris.

Those of you planning to rush to your nearest bookstore to pick up the CD copy should know that the Old Man’s War audiobook is available only as a download (and as far as I know exclusive to, but don’t hold me to that). However, once you’ve downloaded the audio files you can burn them to CD pretty easily if that’s what you need.

Why is it available download only? I suspect for two reasons: The first is that I think it’s assumed that readers of my stuff are fairly technically adept, so you can handle getting this in electronic format — indeed many of you would just get the CDs and rip the audio files to your iPods anyway. This will save you that intermediary step.

The second is that it’s faster to get it to you all this way: You get the audio files without having to wait for the time it takes to create packaging and deal with shipping and whatnot, most of which I suspect most of you don’t give a damn about. Anyway, I know how all of you hate delaying your gratification. Well, delay no longer.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


I’m Crying a River Here

One of the major purveyors of Russian Viagra spam found murdered.

I wish I felt worse about the fact that my first reaction to this bit of news was to say “good.”

But, yeah. I don’t.

Update: Apparently, a hoax.

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