The Big Idea: Jeff Carlson

Over at Ficlets we’ve got a new installment of The Big Idea, featuring author Jeff Carlson discussing his book Plague Year, in which, if you talk a stroll below the 10,000 foot line anywhere on the planet, you, like, die. In a really horrible way. Which, you know, sort of limits your real estate options here on planet Earth. On the other hand, those of you with property in Leadville, Colorado (elevation: 10,430 feet) are going to totally clean up. Buy now!

5 Comments on “The Big Idea: Jeff Carlson”

  1. This was a entertaining read. Parts were set in Northern California, which is where I currently reside. Overall a good read, scary zombie like in a few parts, with some good well thought out high tech stuff to boot!

  2. I found it enjoyable and a solid first book. Not great, but good.

    It’s kind of hard to nitpick in a book about rogue nanotech, but it was rather painful seeing a shuttle landing after a long-term ISS stay used as a plot device. The shuttle’s space endurance is measured in weeks, not months.

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