“Don’t Set Off His BrainPal!”

Read Old Man’s War? You need to see this. Seriously.

See what you’re missing by not hanging out at Whateveresque?

12 Comments on ““Don’t Set Off His BrainPal!””

  1. Why I don’t hang out much on Whateveresque, so I didn’t see this.

    I do like the society there, and its a fun group. But I don’t like looking in 100 places or more for new posts. So, I go there now and then.

  2. JJS.

    Pssst! At the top there are several links. One says View New Posts, another says View Active Topics, and a third says View Unanswered Posts.

    Don’t have to search at all! It comes right to you with a single click!

  3. John Scalzi — Responsible for the loss in productivity of thousands of intelligent people every day since 1995.

    Dr. Phil

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