Daily Archives: October 20, 2007

For Janny

My pal Janny, who is fabulous, and who went to high school with me, tweaks me about claiming Hayzie Fantayzie’s “Shiny Shiny” is the worst song of the 80s: you know you love this song. i heard it blasting from your dorm room and saw elfin shadows mimicking the moves on the drapes. Lies, despicable […]

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A Little More on People Like Me

Rachel Swirsky, who I think is one of the best new writers in genre (and possibly outside of it as well) reheats the discussion of my “colorblind” writing or lack thereof in the context of JK Rowling’s recent relevation that Dumbledore is, like, totally gay, and focuses on the fact that both Rowling and I […]

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