The New Cover

Jeff Hentosz, who is handy with that there Photoshop, sends word that he’s “fixed” the cover of The Android’s Dream for me:

Clever. Adorably sick, but clever.

All I can say is, I’m glad I didn’t Photoshop this. Because then people would be asking me about my deadlines.

Don’t ask, people. Just. Don’t.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

23 replies on “The New Cover”

The only thing it’s missing is you could append “Agent to the Stars” below the author’s name — making it look like he might BE the agent to the stars and bring in that important Britney Speers fan base, who might be up to reading children’s books by now.

Dr. Phil

Thanks, folks! *puffs out chest and does that “Little Rascals” thing, shaking clasped hands on either side of my head*

Old Jarhead: HAHAAAAA! Comedy gold. Clean your glasses.

Christian: Yer on. Next time somebody is inspired here, let’s start a forum topic under Free Play called “The Whateveresque Cybertronic Refrigerator Door.”

The Church of the Evolved Lamb should not only print children’s books, but also send young people in pairs door-to-door to spread the word. These young people should have wooly blue hair, of course.

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