Listening to My Writing

Audio Renaissance sent me a CD copy of the audiobook of Old Man’s War, and I experienced a moment that made me realize how much of a citizen of the digital age I am: I thought, eight discs? I’ve gonna have to rip all of these? What a hassle! Don’t worry, I smacked myself in the head right after.

I’ve been listening to the book a bit today, and I have to say the experience is, well… weird. To be clear, it’s very well done; I think William Dufris, who is reading it, is great at it. The thing is that he reads it differently than I read it, in my head, and, inasmuch as I’m the guy who wrote the thing, the differences in our respective execution make for a bit of cognitive dissonance. After hearing it in my head a particular way for the last six years, it takes a little getting used to.

(I didn’t have this happen with the audio version The Sagan Diary, partly because it was told from a woman’s point of view, and partly because I shipped it off to the various readers right after I finished it. That was a different experience entirely.)

It’s weird to say but I kind of like the cognitive dissonance I’m getting; without getting too hippy-trippy about it, it’s a reminder that there are other ways of approaching the book than the way I do in my own head, and these different approaches can put the book in a different light. It’s interesting to approach your own work a little like a stranger, basically.

Hey, Steve Burnap

Please send me an e-mail, won’t you?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing horrible. And I’m not going to ask you for money. Or a kidney. Today.

The Zsa Zsa Gabors of the 21 Century

High up on today’s list of people who make me roll my eyes: These New Yorkers who decided to live part-time in the country and then get spooked by the fact that it’s dark and their house is making noises and there are, like, animals out there in the woods. Then they get back to New York and can relax, because, as we all know, nothing bad ever happens at night in New York City.

Smack. Them. All.

I just have to believe that none of them quite comprehended just how jelly-filled this article makes them all look. Oh noes! A raccoon! I must defend myself with an $8,000 lighting system! For God’s sake. Just go back into town and never go above midtown ever again. Simple.