Daily Archives: October 27, 2007

Oh, Hey: Archives, 3/18/02 – 5/25/07

Proving that this site has gotten so big that even I don’t know what all is in it anymore: Here’s an archive page for Whatever featuring every entry written here between March 18, 2002 (“Football With Jesus” — a classic, by the way) and May 25, 2007 (featuring The Flush Monster). I found it randomly. […]

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The Return of Administrivia

Not that you actually care, but I’ve finally gotten around to restoring the “Administrivia” section of the site, which includes my bio, site disclaimer and comment policy, how to get me for interviews, invitations and writing gigs, my publicity and blurb guidelines and policies on unpublished/self-published work, and contact information. It’s all top of the […]

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