Oh, Hey: Archives, 3/18/02 – 5/25/07

Proving that this site has gotten so big that even I don’t know what all is in it anymore: Here’s an archive page for Whatever featuring every entry written here between March 18, 2002 (“Football With Jesus” — a classic, by the way) and May 25, 2007 (featuring The Flush Monster). I found it randomly. I don’t ever recall seeing this page before. I have no idea how it was made. But it’s kind of nice it’s there.

Mind you, it still means that every entry between May 26 and September 29 of this year is not in an archive. But they’re around. Somewhere.

8 Comments on “Oh, Hey: Archives, 3/18/02 – 5/25/07”

  1. Football With Jesus – great, but where did the ceramic statuette come from in the first place? Is it akin to the belt buckle nativity?

  2. Cool! Jesus does karate! Also, note that, unlike football, soccer and etc, Jesus plays hockey in skates, not sandals.

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