The Return of Administrivia

Not that you actually care, but I’ve finally gotten around to restoring the “Administrivia” section of the site, which includes my bio, site disclaimer and comment policy, how to get me for interviews, invitations and writing gigs, my publicity and blurb guidelines and policies on unpublished/self-published work, and contact information. It’s all top of the right sidebar, or you can just link here.

4 Comments on “The Return of Administrivia”

  1. I actually do care– I was looking for that stuff the other day and I couldn’t find it. A ridiculous amount of googling followed (seriously, I had to try, like, six different searches. I was starting to lose confidence in my google-fu).

    Anyway, thanks for putting it back :).

  2. I care in that I had gotten into the happen of clicking on the Whateverettes in that location…threw my whole game off. That’s okay, though…I’ll adapt. :-)

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