Nantes, Here I Come

Still have a bit of packing and other things to do before my flight, so, well, bye. If I get stuck in an airport I might log on and kvetch; otherwise I’ll catch up with the lot of you tomorrow, when I’ll be here. In the meantime, consider this an open thread. Try to keep the place spiffy until I get back, okay? Thanks.

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  1. Hey John,
    Enjoy your trip to France. Try and find the time to get out and see some things! The history here (in Europe) runs long and deep and it has been my greatest pleasure these past few years to explore it!

  2. Gee, nice clean and empty open thread topic. (wanders around) I suppose the riff-raff will come in with their muddy boots and all — but at least on the Whatever it’s nice riff-raff.

    Just did an interesting exercise for a colleague at a community college — how would I write up “chapter” titles for a two-semester course in Physics, with just five chapters each (ten in all). He wanted chapter titles, I gave him titles plus synopses of what would be in each.

    Eduthink: “Less is more.”

    Teachers: “Less is also less.”

    Realists: “More costs.”

    Cynics: “Less costs more.”

    Dr. Phil

  3. There is a very dirty joke buried there in Ray’s comment with all that history.

    Have a great time there en France. I hope you can take the family because it’d be great for them to see a bit o’ Europe with you.

  4. John,

    Greetings from a French reader! I’ve been enjoying your blog and you books for quite some time.
    Too bad I can’t come to Nantes this weekend, it’s too far from where where I live, it would have been nice to chat with you face to face.

    Don’ forget to pack a good rain coat. At this time of the year there’s a good probability that the weather in Nates might be slightly wet.
    Think bottom-the-Atlantic wet.
    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and the French food.


  5. I haven’t been to Nantes per se, but I skirted it when driving from St Nazaire to Angers, where there’s a rather interesting medieval tapestry (click my link). If you’re happy to get a car and experience some autumnal countryside, then a little further west of Angers one can visit Fontevraud Abbey and a few Loire chateaux.

  6. Hey John,

    While you’re there, pick up one of those fancy “e” with a thingy over it that Kévin has. They’re pretty cool. (Yes, I had to copy/paste…)

    Oh, and I’m jealous of the French food.

  7. John, don’t go!

    I read French- the title of the conference: “To Serve American Science Fiction Writers.” It’s a cook book! “

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