Nantes, Here I Come

Still have a bit of packing and other things to do before my flight, so, well, bye. If I get stuck in an airport I might log on and kvetch; otherwise I’ll catch up with the lot of you tomorrow, when I’ll be here. In the meantime, consider this an open thread. Try to keep the place spiffy until I get back, okay? Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Nantes, Here I Come

  1. Gee, nice clean and empty open thread topic. (wanders around) I suppose the riff-raff will come in with their muddy boots and all — but at least on the Whatever it’s nice riff-raff.

    Just did an interesting exercise for a colleague at a community college — how would I write up “chapter” titles for a two-semester course in Physics, with just five chapters each (ten in all). He wanted chapter titles, I gave him titles plus synopses of what would be in each.

    Eduthink: “Less is more.”

    Teachers: “Less is also less.”

    Realists: “More costs.”

    Cynics: “Less costs more.”

    Dr. Phil

  2. There is a very dirty joke buried there in Ray’s comment with all that history.

    Have a great time there en France. I hope you can take the family because it’d be great for them to see a bit o’ Europe with you.

  3. John,

    Greetings from a French reader! I’ve been enjoying your blog and you books for quite some time.
    Too bad I can’t come to Nantes this weekend, it’s too far from where where I live, it would have been nice to chat with you face to face.

    Don’ forget to pack a good rain coat. At this time of the year there’s a good probability that the weather in Nates might be slightly wet.
    Think bottom-the-Atlantic wet.
    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and the French food.


  4. I haven’t been to Nantes per se, but I skirted it when driving from St Nazaire to Angers, where there’s a rather interesting medieval tapestry (click my link). If you’re happy to get a car and experience some autumnal countryside, then a little further west of Angers one can visit Fontevraud Abbey and a few Loire chateaux.

  5. Hey John,

    While you’re there, pick up one of those fancy “e” with a thingy over it that Kévin has. They’re pretty cool. (Yes, I had to copy/paste…)

    Oh, and I’m jealous of the French food.

  6. John, don’t go!

    I read French- the title of the conference: “To Serve American Science Fiction Writers.” It’s a cook book! “

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