Very Minor Internetty Weirdness

Which is: A whole lot of sites I regularly visit are in French when I visit. I suppose they’re read the IP address I’m using (which I assume is my hotel’s) and serving up their French-language pages. It’s not a problem, but it is amusing.

In other news, I am frankly surprised at how much French I can actually read; when I was in the airport yesterday I read a copy of Le Monde that was lying around and I had very little problem following the gist of the stories I was looking at. I wouldn’t say it was reading, exactly, since I know I missed a lot. But I didn’t miss as much as I expected I would, if you know what I mean. Spoken French, however, still has me completely lost. I’m doing a lot of smiling and pretending, basically. Most people here seem to be happy to let me do that.


When People Start Thinking About My Books

UK Journalist and SF notable Mark McGrath writes a long and detailed (and spoiler-filled) piece on his blog about the Old Man’s War trilogy (which he called the Green Solider Trilogy, which is a name I actually like), and comes to some interesting conclusions, particularly regarding the politics of the universe. So if you want a substantive textual look at the trilogy, it’s well worth a read.

Personally speaking, I like it for its opening graph:

 A while ago, just after I finished Old Man’s War, I threatened to come back to the blog and give a scathing account of why John Scalzi’s fantastically entertaining space opera was the single most wrongheaded book I had ever read. It was, I was going to tell you, a filthy piece of right-wing shittism of the kind that I thought even the sci-fi reactionaries had left behind. I was going to set Mr Scalzi straight on a few things, I can tell you.

Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed.

Stupid wiser heads!

Personally speaking, I’m not going to make an argument against Old Man’s War in particular being read as having “right-wing” politics; it certainly can be, and it certainly has been, and I don’t have a problem with that interpretation. Let people think as they will; I’m glad they’re thinking seriously about the book at all. My major argument has been against the thinking that goes “Old Man’s War is right-wing in its politics; therefore John Scalzi is right-wing in his politics.” Many is the right-wing reader who has come here after reading OMW to find this particular supposition rather quickly disproved. Most seem to be able to handle it, for which I am grateful; occasionally one will really freak out about it. C’est la vie, as they say where I am at the moment.  And anyway, I occasionally freak out lefties, too. It all works out in the wash.


I’m Awake

Funny how about 11 straight hours of sleep will make you feel much better.

Although I did have dreams of the apocalypse. It was all right, however, since in the dream I had a gun and lots of ammunition.

Also, here’s a fun trick I tried yesterday:  Explaining the first chapter of Android’s Dream to my French publisher, where I did not know the French word, nor he the English, for “fart.” Oh, how those language problems gave us such a chuckle!

Also, FYI: When you’re overseas, Skype is just about the greatest thing ever.

Off to my book signing. Catch you all later.

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