Ugh, Travel

Packing everything up now. Leaving tomorrow morning to come back to the US. Loved being here in France. Hate having to travel to get back home. Bring on the transporters, or bring back the Concorde.

Be back late tomorrow. Be brave until then.

13 Comments on “Ugh, Travel”

  1. Horia Nicola Ursu – I am an editor and translator, and also a former publisher at Millennium Books. I read, write, translate, edit and publish books. I also collect them. Own them. Possess them. Love them.

    It was great meeting you here, have a safe trip home!

  2. I’ve always wanted to be able to wriggle my nose like Samantha to travel. Transporters have always struck me as an unsafe technological solution. (Any time I get transformed into any sort of energy-format, I worry about reflection, refraction and replay.)

  3. See, for trips over 5 hours I just have four stiff drinks in the airport, a large bottle of water, and a drool towel. I wake up at landing feeling the way I imagine you would after being revived from suspended animation on a budget spaceline.

  4. John,

    At least you’re home. I, on the other hand, got stuck at Chicago, on my way back to LAX. Waiting on a 6:00 am flight as we speak. Hope that your trip to France was an enjoyable one!


  5. Yeah, it is the 21st century already, where are the super sonic flying cars, space stations and matter transmitters (although I say we skip the nuclear wars, godzilla attacks and dalek invasions)?

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