Coining a New Word


Which means: “A scale model representation of the end of the world.”

At this very moment (5:17 pm, 11/11/07), this word is nowhere to be found on Google. I claim it for my own!

Yes, it has something to do with my Creation Museum visit. You’ll see why, soon enough.

22 Comments on “Coining a New Word”

  1. Live Search says: “Were you looking for: Dior Armageddon”

    Which is presumably when we are all uplifted and those found wanting are put on the rack.

  2. So the hostage negotiator says, “Well, well, Mr. Serial Killer. What are your prospects now that the SWAT team has your hide-out surrounded?”

    And the killer says, “It looks like I’m either gonna di-oramageddon life in prison!”

    Hah! Hey, remember to tip your blog host. Thanks; I love ya!

    [*bows, blows kiss to the balcony, and TriceraStomps off stage*]

  3. I envision something like a giant, Doc-Martened foot poised above a tiny blue Earth. Possible a tiny blue-dyed egg, so kids can buy one for a quarter (there has to be a machine) and put it under, and penny-press it with the Steel-Toed Boot of God.

  4. Why do I suspect that Athena has a diabolical new project assigned to her?

    And if you do manage to convince me that Armageddon’s on the way, I’m going to become Psuedocidal: having thoughts of self-termination, but too apathetic to follow through.

    Hah! Take that, you word-coining guy, you!

  5. Google currently thinks that I am wondering about the goremageddon, which is perhaps a band, but I was hoping was actually what the climate change non-believers were calling global warming. Goremageddon: The end of the world as predicted by Al Gore.

  6. I totally want to see Dioramageddon!

    I love this feeling I have. This warm, fuzzy feeling. And it’s all because I was one of the people who (forced) encouraged you to go to the Creation Museum in the first place. (Best 5 bucks spent. Ever!)

  7. I kept reading it as dinoramageddon, which is even worse…like having to make a diorama of dinosaurs going extinct or something.

  8. Funniest. Definition. Ever.

    You do know, though, don’t you, John, that they don’t call it Creationism anymore – they call it Intelligent Design.

    Their argument has evolved, y’see . . . >:-)

  9. Update:
    Thursday, Nov 15. 2040 hours, MST
    Google reports 24 instances of “Dioramageddon”

    thought you might like to know

  10. Greetings! I’ve been reading your site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

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