Today’s Political Question

Why don’t I believe this?

Take your time; it’s a tough question. And there may be more than one correct answer!


On the WGA Strike

I’ve been asked a few times for my thoughts about the Writers Guild of America strike, so here are my thoughts:

On the level of a consumer, it hasn’t inconvenienced me at all because:

1. I don’t watch enough TV to care;

2. Even if I did, I’m on deadline right now, so well done, WGA, for cutting off one more thing that would distract me! You’re mensches, the lot of you.

So clearly, I’m okay with it at that level.

As a writer, well, come on. Television networks not wanting to pay residuals on Internet viewings of their shows, because they’re “promotional,” even as they sell advertising on them? Kiss my ass.

Here’s a really simple rule: If any money is coming in from a writer’s work, from anywhere, the writer gets a cut. See? Simple. End of story (that would be gross money, incidentally. We all know how creative movie and TV studios can be in explaining how even the most wildly successful money-grossers don’t actually net anything). If it takes a strike to hammer that point in — and apparently it does — that’s fine with me.

So, yes, I support the strike.


A Small Clarification

In the aftermath of yesterday’s Creation Museum report, I’m getting comments and e-mails from Christians who are both thanking me for taking the hit for the team and also wanting to make sure I don’t think all Christians believe in creationist clap-trap. My response to both of these:

1. You’re welcome.

2. Of course not.

And toward the latter, I do think it’s worth reminding other folks that making the lazy equivalence between creationists and Christians is not a smart thing to do. Indeed, it’s worth noting that creationism isn’t even inherently Christian; here’s some Islamic creationism in Turkey for you to chew on, had you not been aware it existed. I’m sure it will absolutely delight most creationists here in the US to know they have common cause with these Islamic counterparts.

But, yes. Not every Christian is a creationist; not every creationist is Christian, even if it happens to be that nearly all creationists here North America are of that particular breed. They’re two largely separate conceptual ideas whose populations overlap on the Great Cosmic Venn Diagram of Life. Personally, I think it’s grand that so many Christians are able to separate what they see as the blessings of grace received from Christ, from an obligation to think the universe as we see it was slapped together in 144 hours and that Adam is responsible for thorns.


Have Another Cup, Plus Limited TGB Shipping

I’ve had a ton of folks asking me if there was ever going to be another printing of my book on writing, You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop into a Coffeeshop, because the first print run of 500 copies sold out before its release date. Well, now I know the answer, and the answer is:

(drum roll)

Yes. Subterranean Press just announced that it would have a second, 500-run printing of Coffeeshop which will ship in December, i.e., just in time for the holidays (clever folks up there at Subterranean). The pre-order page at Subterranean is here. As the first run sold out before it was published and copies from that run are now being sold at $250 a shot (seriously, that’s what it’s going for on AbeBooks), and this second run is still only 500 copies, it’s not just ridiculous self-promoting hype to suggest that if you really want a copy for your own (or to give as a gift) you may wish to consider pre-ordering. I’m just saying, is all.

While we’re on the subject of books of mine from Subterranean, those of you who pre-ordered the signed, limited edition of The Ghost Brigades will be happy to know it’s winging its way to you even as we speak. I got a copy of it last week and it’s friggin’ gorgeous; Vincent Chong, who did the cover art and the full-color illustrations inside, did an absolutely stunning job. You’re not going to be disappointed, and if you are disappointed, I suspect you are disappointed about most things in life, and I can’t help you there, I’m afraid.

Some signed, limited editions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades are still available if you didn’t pre-order; head over to Subterranean to find out more.

Thus endeth today’s self-promoting entry.

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