Have Another Cup, Plus Limited TGB Shipping

I’ve had a ton of folks asking me if there was ever going to be another printing of my book on writing, You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop into a Coffeeshop, because the first print run of 500 copies sold out before its release date. Well, now I know the answer, and the answer is:

(drum roll)

Yes. Subterranean Press just announced that it would have a second, 500-run printing of Coffeeshop which will ship in December, i.e., just in time for the holidays (clever folks up there at Subterranean). The pre-order page at Subterranean is here. As the first run sold out before it was published and copies from that run are now being sold at $250 a shot (seriously, that’s what it’s going for on AbeBooks), and this second run is still only 500 copies, it’s not just ridiculous self-promoting hype to suggest that if you really want a copy for your own (or to give as a gift) you may wish to consider pre-ordering. I’m just saying, is all.

While we’re on the subject of books of mine from Subterranean, those of you who pre-ordered the signed, limited edition of The Ghost Brigades will be happy to know it’s winging its way to you even as we speak. I got a copy of it last week and it’s friggin’ gorgeous; Vincent Chong, who did the cover art and the full-color illustrations inside, did an absolutely stunning job. You’re not going to be disappointed, and if you are disappointed, I suspect you are disappointed about most things in life, and I can’t help you there, I’m afraid.

Some signed, limited editions of Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades are still available if you didn’t pre-order; head over to Subterranean to find out more.

Thus endeth today’s self-promoting entry.

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  1. Dressagegrrrl:

    No, no. If you pre-ordered it today, you ordered the second run, which is definitely not sold out. Yet.

  2. Well, John, as per our arrangement, you will find the money for this book taped to the underside of the red bench at the Dayton Greyhound station. Once you retrieve the money, please use the provided Ziplock bag and duct tape to affix your novel to the underside of the BLUE bench nearest the Ladies’ room.

    It really is the easiest way… I think.

  3. D’oh! I would LOVE a signed hard cover of TGB, but I’m broke. As much as I’d rather have a copy of TGB with that gorgeous cover, I need new tires. BOO.

  4. John: My thoughts exactly. But we’re bound to get snow any day now and I’d rather not kill myself and/or others by having no traction.

  5. I ordered a copy of Coffeeshop- I figured with the high Canadian dollar I would save lots of money on the price- with ten dollars added for shipping to Canada it comes to $45 US, and in Loonies it comes to . . . $44.22!

  6. Sir:

    Having invested a substantial sum of money on eBay to obtain a copy of said book through legal means and having a reasonable expectation that said book would appreciate due to the small size and finality of the publishing run (as evidenced by the $250 asking price for copies at the present time) as well as the inexplicable demand for product from ScalziWorld; and having been informed that another press run of 500 copies is being readied; and therefore concluding that said second run will depreciate the value of my copy by no less than $125 you, sir, will hear from my attorneys.

  7. Ahem. If I order it this time, will I actually get it? On account of, my gmail account has the receipts for two different orders for “You’re Not Fooling Anyone”, #12090 and #18332, and I never got a copy.

  8. Talk to Bill at Subterranean, Greg. If you didn’t get books you paid for, I think he’s going to want to know about it.

  9. “# Steve Buchheit Says:

    Dang, and I felt so special snagging the second to last copy Amazon sold.”

    Hrmpf. Guess how special I felt when I snagged the very last copy Amazon sold? But this shouldn’t hurt the resale prize much, would it? I don’t think I ever will sell it, cos I’ve been very proud of it, seeing as its the most valuable book in my tiny collection.

  10. Copy of “You Aren’t Fooling…” has been ordered. Thus begins the countdown to my eventual Scalzification….

  11. I retire (again and finally) at the end of the year. If after the first of the year I show up at Starbucks with a laptop and a copy of this book will this end up being one of those M.C. Escher scenes?

  12. Jarhead: No, it just means that everyone will know what you’re really there for.

    John: Count me in too. I’m sure my son will have a great time with this book. Glad they did a second printing!

  13. Damn! Wouldn’t you know it? I just took my brand new laptop to a coffee shop this weekend. It’s the first time in my life I’ve done that. I cranked out about 500 words and left.

    I’m going to have to pick up a copy of the book.

  14. Speaking of books, my copy of Android’s Dream arrived from Powell’s today. You’re right about the texture work on the cover, they did a wonderful job.

    After several contemplative minutes of playing Pat the Sci Fi Book, I decided that I like the sheep best. The letters of the title (in conjunction with the drop shadow) were a close runner-up, though.

  15. But these copies will pale in comparison to the divinely-inspired One True Edition, also known as the First Printing of the First Edition.

    Are people really paying $250 for these? Not to blaspheme or anything, but I’ve already read mine…

  16. Vincent Chong is an amazing artist, and will be huge, very, very soon!

    I just went to buy “Coffee Shop”, but felt that $17 postage to the UK was a little extreme. Damn shame. :-(

  17. The Norwegian Woodsman, well sure. In fact I plan to hunt down Scalzi during his toastmasterific duties and get him to personalize my copy instead of selling it. Now, if I had actually seen what Old Jarhead reports, that might change my mind. $250 will buy a lot of other books. I don’t think this printing will hurt that selling price too much as it will be the “second” printing. As well all know, first printings are to fleece, I mean, sell to collectors. Second printings are for those that want to read it.

  18. That’s a real shame, William, but thanks for the response. I’m sure the run will sell out soon, but it’s a shame that us poor UK readers won’t have the chance to read it.

    Maybe an opportunity to partner with a UK-based Small Press publisher? I can recommend several excellent ones (the things I’ll do to save the cost of a stamp!)

  19. Lee, there’s a copy on amazon.co.uk for £188.23. In that context, the $17 shipping charge is an absolute bargain! ;)

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