Daily Archives: November 14, 2007

You Can Has Comment Preview

I’ve gone ahead an enabled a comment preview function, which people have been begging and pleading for since the WordPress switchover. You’ll find it below the comment text box when you leave a comment. It seems to work pretty well, but let me know if it presents any issues for you.

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The LOLCreashun Contest!

You’ve read the writeup, you’ve looked at the pictures, now enter the contest! I’ve posted over a hundred pictures from my Creation Museum visit, many of which are begging — begging! — to be LOL’d. And I know you folks are the creative types, so I’ve decided to let you all in on the fun […]

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Happiness Is…

Being so close to done on a book that you can taste it. No, not Zoe’s Tale. Still banging away on that one. The other one. And note: No desperate procrastinatory Photoshoppery! I’m improving.

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Another Kind of Stress Test

Word have I from Subterranean Press that yesterday the rush of pre-orders for Coffee Shop was large enough to make their servers choke (although, to be very clear, every pre-order was successful and got processed — they’re good about that). This makes me happy. Thank you. Also, if you want to be sure you get […]

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Stress Test (Warning: Blog Tech Geekery Follows)

I was wondering what would happen to WordPress when I had a day where I pulled in a lot of folks, and yesterday was that day; Whatever pulled in 72K folks, which made it the second busiest day on the site (The Bacon Cat incident still holds top honors, with 76k in one day). And […]

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