Happiness Is…

Being so close to done on a book that you can taste it.

No, not Zoe’s Tale. Still banging away on that one. The other one.

And note: No desperate procrastinatory Photoshoppery! I’m improving.

19 Comments on “Happiness Is…”

  1. Do you mean done done, or done-with-the-first-draft done?

    It’s a good feeling either way, I am sure.

  2. No, not Zoe’s Tale. Still banging away on that one.

    If my wife were to catch me banging away at Zoe’s tail, there’d be blood on the sand.

  3. A sunset! (Let’s meet outside after dinner, John; I’ll try to con Apollo into whipping up a li’l summthin-summthin.)

    BTW, what all that “creation” jabber going on with the Judeo-Christian pantheon in the other thread? Been there, done that, killed the giants responsible. Two words: “Ya, awn.”

  4. “I’m improving.”

    I feel honored to be here to observe this moment of growth, John.

    I also expect some gnarlicious Photoshoppery the minute — the MINUTE — you finish ZT.

  5. Is this the sooper-sekkrit project that we’re not supposed to even think about, much less ask about?

  6. I’ll bet he has a contract do some Weird-Ass Photoshoppery™, and he’s near his deadline. Now he’s procrastinating by…writing books!

  7. By the way, if it’s the 2nd edition of The Rough Guide to the Universe that you’re almost done with, you’d better not be making any revisions based on what you saw at the Creation Museum! I won’t buy it if you do! ;)

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