You Can Has Comment Preview

I’ve gone ahead an enabled a comment preview function, which people have been begging and pleading for since the WordPress switchover. You’ll find it below the comment text box when you leave a comment. It seems to work pretty well, but let me know if it presents any issues for you.

16 Comments on “You Can Has Comment Preview”

  1. Preview, what preview?

    Oh that preview.

    When there is no preview I’m always a little worried about using any kind of formating. There is always one bloddy tag I forget to close.

    This little preview seems to be working pretty well though. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Now, the next time I post a comment disguised as a comic-book supervillain I can check to see if my I did my html format right….

    I mean… if I were to ever get caught up in the moment and follow the reckless lead of some of the other kids, and were to do such an obnoxious thing. Which I never would. Just so we’re clear. I deny everything! I was framed! It was someone else’s fault! I’m just a patsy! A patsy!

  3. I wish I knew html tagging so I could try it out. Any helpful links anyone? (you could show off your tagging skillz…)

    Yes, I know I could Google it, of course. :P to you.

  4. Anne C – I learned HTML from They had (dunno if that’s still the case 7 years later) an actual paper book on the market at one time. But in any case, the site has some good primers on they very basic HTML, which is all you’ll really use when posting comments…italics, bolding, making hyperlinks, inserting images, etc. And if you feel up to it, they have tutorials for more advanced stuff too.

    Site design could be better, but the basic info it gives is solid.

  5. @9: JC – the Flowchart of Bacon Goodness rocks, but could you recheck the branches which follow the fourth decision point? The actions as written are at odds with the advice of a noted authority on the infallible method for cooking bacon, which specifically calls for a lack of pants.

  6. I agree with PixelFish – it’s shiny! I test software for my job so my work PC changes from one character size or set to another along the course of a week, so there are many times when I can’t actually see everything I’m typing. So Preview is good.

  7. Oh hey, glad to know it hasn’t been here this *whole* time and I have been simply missing it. I still feel silly because it had been here for at least part of the time and I just failed to scroll down to see it, but at least I am not as unobservant as I thought.

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