My Chromatically Graduated Trees

Let me show you them.

Also, it’s snowing. A lot. Midway through November. Excuse me while I go get a shotgun to swallow.

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  1. Take a picture of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee (who has not been seen by Her legions of adoring fans in a criminally long time) and you will feel much better about the snow.

    Do it now. You know you want to.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  2. I miss snow. It only snows about once a year here, and no one can drive in it or seem to clear it off the roads.

    I miss seasons in general. I actually mowed my lawn last weekend, something that should not happen in November, and there is pretty much zero color in the trees.

  3. Those trees are beautiful. My favorites are the ones with patches: one side has red, below is orange, there’s yellow off in a corner, and green is here and there. It’s as if they kept trying on new outfits, not sure which one to use and said, “To heck with it, I’ll wear them all!” Yours have it much more together.

  4. amandageddon – She is a slacker of the highest order, a geek of not so much, went back to school to become an even bigger geek and possibly get paid for it. She loves it when a plan comes together.

    Wow. Seems like everyone but us is getting snow. Which I don’t mind, because I don’t have my new tires on my car yet. After tomorrow, it can snow – I won’t (really) mind. We’ve been lucky here in Winnipeg – we usually get a dump of snow before Hallowe’en (whether or not it sticks around is another story) and are covered in snow from early November on. I’m sure your snow will leave, too. :)

  5. amandageddon – She is a slacker of the highest order, a geek of not so much, went back to school to become an even bigger geek and possibly get paid for it. She loves it when a plan comes together.

    Pretty trees, too. Ours are all nekkid.

  6. The trees here are pretty much done, which is a shame. There’s one outside my building that was a nice dark green, but turned purple in the cold– so half the tree is green, the other half is purple, and there’s nothing in between. Another one went green to red, again with no gradation.
    I want snow. It is not right that it be mid-November without a day below freezing. I know it’s inconvenient and hard to walk on and cars crash and such, but… part of my brain is still in September and expects it to be warmer because there’s nothing saying “winter” outside.

  7. Seeing as I’m originally from Northeast Ohio, to hear that it’s already snowing down in your neck of the woods makes me very, very afraid. Particularly since I’m coming up to Ohio for Thanksgiving.

  8. Oh, you got snow. Lucky bastard. I long for snow, the evenings are much too gloomy without it. With snow everything lightens up and you know it will be cold outside so you’ll dress properly. It’s so nice sitting in front of a fire with cocoa after a couple of cross-country skiing. Last winter was so boring with little snow. I expect snow this winter and soon, or I’ll go kick some weather gods’ arses. I live in Oslo, so I’m allowed to wish for snow.

  9. In other news, that’s a long driveway to wheel that mini-dumpster down. I don’t feel so bad about my Monday morning mini-dumpster travels. Not nearly as far.

  10. John, at least your trees haz color. Ours mostly went brown and dropped their leaves. They also started dropping in September. And it’s supposed to snow here tonight (again). Probably won’t stick long. Like I said, last year we needed new trucks, and it was all the praying that pushed the snow back after the New Year. This year we’re good to go so it was some body else’s job to keep it away. Although, if diesel keeps going up and the delivery cost of the salt rises much more, I’ll be back to the praying and lighting candles.

  11. I love autumn and dread winter. Winter where I live isn’t fun. All the transplanted Californians make for dangerous driving. They look like Bambi stepping on the ice for the first time.

    A positive, though, is gang shootings go down. It’s hard to stay anonymous when you’re peeling away from a crime scene going 5 miles an hour. Your tires are spinning and your ass-end is fishtailing. Actually, now that I think about it, even with the extra time to view the getaway car, there would be no witnesses.

    Lovely picture.

  12. Trade ya’. I miss snow. I’ve been transplanted to the south, and we haven’t had a respectable snowfall here in about 4 years. Given the drought, I don’t like my chances for this year either.

  13. Also, it’s snowing. A lot. Midway through November.

    Big baby. It’s started snowing here the 2nd week in October. Yesterday afternoon I got another 4 inches of snow. In fact, I should quit typing and go outside and plow (I would have done it last night, but I was busy making LOLsaurs).

  14. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure you’ll prefer shoveling to the taste of a shotgun.

    Gun oil = the yucky (not to mention buckshot).

  15. I want snow (whines). It was in the 70s around here, yesterday. Today it’s back into the 50s. And if it’s not the heat, it’s the drought. No snow for me.

    I like snow… no, I love snow. I blame exposure to C.S. Lewis at an early age: the Christianity didn’t take, but the idea I could maybe take tea with a mythical creature in a snowy wood–that took. Thirty years later, it’s still with me.

  16. Snow..Snow..Snow..Snow


    Wonderful Snooooooowwwwwwwwww.

    (Ah, with apologies to the Monty Python Vikings)

    This is exactly the reason why I now reside in Georgia.

    Ok, so we may be running out of water, but I can play golf in January. It’s a fair trade.

  17. We’re not getting anything up here in Toledo yet. With luck, we won’t for a while.

    (Radar tells me luck is not with me today, and I should be up to my ample ass in the stuff by early evening. Bugger.)

  18. The color is perfect, but what I want to know is who’s mowing your lawn??? And why aren’t there ANY leaves under the tree or on the grass?? It’s a professional question as that’s my profession…..

  19. Complaining about snow in November?

    What a wuss – you are obviously a native Californian, just like my wimpy kids who don’t know what real weather is like!

    When I was growing up about 100 miles from where you are living now, we had no problem coping with weather like this. It built character – or was that characters? :-)

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

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    Nice lawn. We were supposed to get snow today but now they are saying just get animals in heterosexual pairs, build and ark and aim for Kentucky.

  21. It’s a perfect day in November here in Southern California. I wore sandals to work, where I had to put my sweater on because the air conditioning came on for our floor.

    I don’t understand people’s affection for that wet cold stuff that just lies all over the ground messing up the lawn.

  22. What’s “snow?”

    It’s 86 degrees at 11:15am here in L.A., and rising. Yesterday got up to 94. In mid-November. Don’t believe in global climate change? I can see the ice cap melting from here.

  23. Snow’s pretty, but I enjoy the weather here in Alabama. You can wear short sleeves year round, and coat over it maybe two weeks out of the year. My fiance just moved here from Iowa for that very reason. (Okay, partly to be with me, but mostly the snow thing.)

  24. As I look out my office window, above the charred and blackened hills of Rancho Bernardo, the sky is bright blue. It’s about 75 degrees today. We’re supposed to have another Santa Ana next week, and and hopefully this one won’t come with fire.

  25. You live in Ohio! Wait 5 minutes.

    Sheesh, you’re acting like it’s a blizzard in April! Oh wait, that was 1987 (IIRC) (1921!) (1893) OK, I give up. It’s not obvious under Google. Now next week, yes, you may have a blizzard.

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