You’re On Your Own For the Rest of the Day

On account I have something due today I need to finish. Which, if you must know, is a short story set in the Old Man’s War universe. And I assure you it will be full of what we in the industry like to call “That Barton Fink Feeling.”

In the absence of anything amusing here until much later, I’ll remind you that the LOLCreashun contest is chugging along swimmingly, to mix metaphors, and if you’re not looking at it, you’re missing out, because they’re really damn funny.

Now, shoo.

8 Comments on “You’re On Your Own For the Rest of the Day”

  1. It looks like LOLCreashuns that were stored by the LOLCAT generator aren’t showing up now. I was able to back up about five of mine onto Flickr, and I’m still waiting to get the other three. Those of you making them with the generator may want to back up yours as well, in case their server gets antsy.

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