The LOLCat Gods Are Not Amused

Oh noes! The LOLCreashun contest is taking the name of LOLCats in vain! And for that we shall all be punished:

Looks like we’re all going to LOLCat Hell for this (“You can has pitchfork!”). Well, I say it’s worth it. Also, it’s not too late to enter the contest; it runs through Sunday. Don’t worry, Ghlaghghee will not actually be judging the entries.

21 Comments on “The LOLCat Gods Are Not Amused”

  1. You need to fix the “it’s” (second word of the 3rd sentence), as you have the “i” as a hyperlink.

    BTW, who is crying for mercy?

  2. Again, is she a Ragdoll? She is really gorgeous.

    I can’t believe you taped bacon to her. She probably needs some counseling because she’s looking depressed.

  3. Dana Jean:

    She’s a mutt, actually, and not of any particular breed. She is, however, very good regarding being handled. The same could not be said for her mother, who was semi-feral.

  4. I dunno whether to jump for joy or break down crying.

    I think this the first time I’ve ever seen a prominent large font with the proper spelling of “judgment” anywhere on the Internet (and most places off the Internet.)


  5. Sacky, would it increase or decrease your joy and/or sorrow to know that “judgement” is just a valid a spelling as “judgment” in either UK or US English (and is the more common spelling in UK English)?

    John, it might be worth checking the WordPress comments scripts: the name in the form just came back to me pre-populated with “Nora”. This isn’t a shared PC, it’s on a static IP, I’m not Nora, and on checking, you do have a commenter called Nora.

    It was just the name returned, so obviously not a big issue on this occasion, but it might become a bigger one if it starts showing email addresses to the wrong people….

  6. Wow. Judgement Cat has firsthand seen the horrors of the Great Bacon Affixing.

  7. Friday is *made* for the Worshippers of Ghlaghghee.


    The Wonderful Kodi Fan Club

  8. Hi John,

    Just a comment to say that I found your CreashunLULZ thread from catvincent, and have posted it as a discussion to the livejournal religious discussion forum, convert_me, with appropriate links so that those talented Macro artists get the credit they deserve. For initiating this pure brilliance, I hereby initiate you into THE HOUSE OF THE RISING COLLAPSE. May you use the Breeze of Laughter and/or the Wind of Bullshit for the continuing betterment of your fellow monkeys. Here is your official POEE Pope Card.


  9. Addendum to Jp — I’ve had the Name, Mail and Website reply fields filled in for other users on the Whatever, but only while using my Apple iPod Touch. Had mentioned this elsewhere.

    Dr. Phil

  10. sacky @11:
    Lots of stuff you learned in school is probably a lot of BS, and not just spelling. I highly recommend Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen for more on how your knowledge of history may be faulty.

    My experience is that grade-school English teachers are an overly persnickety lot. FWIW, I believe you’re half-right: “judgment” is the preferred spelling, at least in the US, though Merriam-Webster lists “judgement” as a variant. And my Firefox spell checker also seems to agree with you. :)

  11. I’ve always spelled it “judgement” and have never had a teacher correct me. Then again, I had a thing for English writers in my youth. It took many, many years before I stopped adding that damned “U” in “color” and “humor.” And I’m still struggling with not doubling my Ls.

  12. M-W has many weird variants, like “advertize”. “Advertise” is a word like promise, premise, surprise, … that isn’t a “something + ise/ize.”

    “Advert” is a back-formation from “advertise”.

    In this space, we should be referring to “Jujment cat”

  13. The use of the term ‘mutt’ to describe a cat is, IMHO as a pedantic ailurophobe, both linguistically incorrect and likely offensive to both sides of the canine-feline divide. No need to piss off Judgment Cat any more than necessary.

  14. O Great Scalzi, in the words of the great Willow Rosenberg:


    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – Her Glorious Shimmering Radiance is unmoved simply because we (you in particular, though) are completely unworthy. We must all strive to reach Her minimum standards. For example, you might achieve momentary glory by publishing more frequent pictures of Her Sweet Magnificence. Say, four times daily.

  15. Actually..the correct term for mixed breed cat is “Moggie” Her highness is certainly NOT an American short Hair

  16. Judgmental cat is judgmental.

    Uncaring cat is uncaring.

    (How long will this fad go on? I’m already sick of it. But. I. Can’t. Stop. *cries*)